Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Quilty Kryptonite

Hello my name is Gina and I can't make a Pineapple block.

Yes I have found my quilt Kryptonite. I can foundation piece with my eyes closed, machine quilting any size quilt doesn't faze me. So why does the Queen Bee asking for a Pineapple block bring me out in a cold sweat.

Now I've made a few in my time, paper pieced and free pieced and I've had problems every time. It really is my Nemesis.

I will admit I put off making this block as long as I could bu this weekend I had to grit my teeth and do it. So armed with this Tutorial I got ready to do battle.

attempt 1

Attempt 4 and 5 ( 2 and 3 didn't even warrant a pic of shame)

I was rapidly running out of low volume background fabrics ( and patience) so a trip to the LQS was in order where I explained my predicament and cried on their shoulders. They suggested just sending the Queen a load of strips to make her own. No I wouldn't be beaten.

Tuesday I pulled up my big girl panties, had a huge mug of coffee and tried for the final time. And what do you know, these B*****ds went together like a dream and both in under an hour.

I had to have a lie down in a dark room after making them,

To my knowledge I did nothing different. The strip widths have all been the same and I've followed the same set of instructions throughout. Not knowing what I did wrong on those many attempts is almost as bad as not being able to make the block in the first place. I know what is wrong I just don't know how I made it wrong, if that makes sense.

I'm making a plea here and now. If ever I'm in a Bee with you, I'm begging you to please never pick the Pineapple as your block. I don't think my stress levels would take another attempt. This is the first time I've been close to tears with frustration over my sewing.

OMG for October

I'm a bit slow in posting this a I've been playing catch up with some SALs and Bees. ( more about them in the next post). 

I had a look through my WIP box to see what I could work on this month. It's a busy month for me I'm away on holiday for a week, I've a couple of yoga workshops to attend and I've a few evenings out. As such I didn't want to work on something large that I had no hope of finishing.

 I've decided on my disappearing nine patches

I originally posted about these HERE where I said I was going to turn them into cushions. I've since changed my mind.

I popped into my local LQS to pick up another couple of FQs and I'm going to make some more blocks. I'll then mix and match to make a 14 block table runner for my coffee table.

So the goal is to get a complete quilted table runner finished by the end of the month.

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