Sunday, 6 August 2017

Is There Anybody Out There?

Yes I know, any excuse to share my love of Pink Floyd.

So you my have noticed I've been away from blogland for a few months, 3 to be precise. This was partially my choice and partially enforced.

I was about to announce a break as the stress of the first part of the year was finally catching up with me when my lap top decided to play up. It would freeze as soon as I tried to anything with it. Luckily my daughters partner is an IT expert and has sorted it. He even managed to save my pictures and music. What has gone though is my EQ, on this laptop anyway. Luckily my older and more creaking computer has still got EQ5 on it. It's now been upgraded to EQ7 and I'm back in business. I also lost all my log ins and bookmarks. This I'm still working on nd slowly rebuilding my blog reading list.

As mentioned earlier I've had a voluntary break from quilting as the darkness that haunts me in the guise of depression and anxieties threatened to overwhelm me once again. I know some of you find that the quilting helps but for me a break is the best thing to do. I close the door on my sewing room and find something else to quieten the voices in my head.

Anyway this post is just to say

and I'm sewing again.


  1. Very glad you are back. Anxiety is sneaky and pervasive. Depression is a nasty beast. Together they are a tough duo.

  2. I'm so glad you're back, I've been concerned about you xx

  3. As Archie's owner says above , I am glad to see yiu back

  4. Glad to have you back! I'm a big believer in whatever works for you. If breaks are the best path for you, use them.


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