Sunday, 16 April 2017

UFO Challenge

Yes I know I'm late posting these but life has been hectic here.

 My daughter announced she was moving in with her boyfriend and it's been all hands on deck to get her stuff  to his flat. Now that she's gone it also means I can get in her room and give it a really good sort out and clean. It's the biggest of the bedrooms and she's managed to completely fill it. The plan is to move ourselves into it and then the stuff she's left here can be put in ours. This means new bedroom furniture for us and a complete redecorate of both bedrooms. Busy busy.

Anyway the UFOs on top of the pile to work on for this month are

Simple Times

This is a BOM from 2013/14. It's done in 1930's fabrics which is a bit of a departure from my normal in your face brights. I managed to keep up for a few months and then became ill so it all got put away. After a couple of months of focused quilting it'll be nice to do some piecing again. 

Talking of quilting, this is the other UFO to be worked on this month. 

It's a mini quilt using mini charms and alot of black. I made this one up as I was going along and whatever I was trying to do it didn't work. I've sewn a grid onto this now and I'll be using it as a quilting sampler as I don't like it enough to use it for anything else.

I failed miserably last month as I didn't manage to finish either of my quilts. I'm hoping I can get at least one of them done this month as well as the two quilts above.

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