Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Simple Times

One of the UFOs I'm working on this month is Simple Times a BOM from 2013/14

It's a full sized quilt made in 1930's fabrics. I'd made up a few of the blocks as I received them but then became ill and it fell by the wayside.
Although I haven't done much sewing at the beginning of this month I pencilled in the Easter weekend as time for me to get back in the sewing room.
Saturday saw the few blocks I'd made become 12 pieced blocks.

I now have to make the 13 alternative blocks to complete the centre of the quilt.

I've also quite a few unused units left over which, along with the few scraps I've managed to save I'm aiming to make into some matching cushions or dressing/bedside table mats.

That'll be a job for right at the end when I know exactly how much fabric I've left over. The person who put it all together seems to be over generous on some packages but bang on the money on others. I'm hoping to have some more progress to show on this by the end of next weekend.


  1. Reproduction prints carry so much with them - so much like grandma's quilts but not exactly. Your blocks look good!

  2. Nice work Gina - pretty colours. xx

  3. Beautiful work. I bet you had fun making so many different patterns!

  4. Very 1930s. I had a couple of charm packs of 1930s fabrics but I just sewed the squares into blocks for a baby quilt . The mum loved it


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