Sunday, 26 March 2017

Quiltathon Day 3 and a finish

For today's sewing I made up these two cushions

I used the excess HSTs from the star quilt I've been working on to make two 12" blocks of pinwheels

I bordered them so they are now 14" and quilted some straightish, parallelish lines in some of the background to try and give the illusion of movement. Taking some of the triangles into the border.

Using some spare fabric from the back of the quilt I've made these up into cushions with an envelope back.

I've put the pads in for now just to take some pics to show you. The covers will have to go in the wash though as I managed to prick my finger, not once but three times and bleed on both of them.

In other not so good news my sewing machine seized up just as I was sewing the last few stitches of these. Although hubby is happy to take the machine apart to have a look but I'm not so keen this time. It's due a good service so a phonecall to the nice machine doctor will be made tomorrow morning. Time to drag my spare machine out from it's hidey hole.


  1. Ha ! My washing machine broke and my non diy man , says it's broke buy s new one ! We are both not so good mechanically . Love the cushions though

  2. These are lovely! I love pinwheels and the color combinations are fantastic. I'm so sorry about your finger. I hope the covers wash up well. And, I really hope your machine is an easy fix! (I suppose I should get my spare repaired in case I have issues with my main machine, too...)

  3. Oh no!! I hope your machine gets fixed soon. Great job on the cushions :)


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