Monday, 20 March 2017

Pictures of Bruges

Well I'm back after a great few days in Bruges. I've eaten my body weight in waffles and ice cream and walked miles over the cobbled streets.
I'll now bore you with just some of the many pics I took of one of my favourite cities.

We had a bit of excitement on the way home. We went on an organised coach trip there and back. On the quay side for the ferry back to the UK we had to stop to go through passport control. We all trooped off the bus, went through the building where we all checked out and went out the other door to await the coach. We waited, and waited. Next thing a man mountain came around the corner with the news that the gorgeous sniffer dog we had seen had sniffed out an illegal immigrant. Thay took ages to actually find him. In the end they had to take all the inspection panels/bodywork from the rear of the bus to find the poor man. He was sitting on the gearbox housing behind the engine block. They reckon he had been there over night as we'd been on the road for three hours. Think about it, three hours sitting next to a working engine. the heat must have been horrific. Another couple of 100 yards and he would have been on the ferry. We are amazed just how good those sniffer dogs are. To smell him out amongst all the other smells that must have been on the coach takes some skill.  Anyway the man was handed over to the French who arrested him. They would have given him a hot meal, a night in the cells and then send him off on his merry way to probably try again.  We got the next ferry ( we'd missed ours) and got safely home with no more drama.

Pics from Bruges Lace Museum in the next blog post.


  1. Definitely a place I need to visit - thanks for the pictures. Poor man - Impossible to understand how desperate someone can be to go to such lengths - and risk! xx

  2. Bruges looks lovely , my offspring have all been there and liked it . It's on my list ....

  3. Beautiful! It does sound like a memorable trip - including the ride home.


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