Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant Hapus ( Happy St Davids Day)

Today is an important day for Wales. It is the day we celebrate our Welshness and our Patron Saint David.

David was a bishop, born around 1300 years ago. There are many legends that surround him, the most famous one being the time he was preaching in the centre of a large crowd. He couldn't be seen or heard so the ground underneath him rose into a small mound. When he died he was entombed at the Cathedral at St Davids. The Cathedral has been rebuilt a few times due to various sackings and lootings but St Davids Shrine survives.

Thanks to St David one of our symbols is the leek, as it was his symbol. Our other's are the daffodil and Y Draig Goch ( the red dragon) which is proudly flown on our flag.

Today school children will wear our national costume along with daffodils and leeks.

Concerts, known as Eisteddfords will be held celebrating Welsh songs, poems and legends. And of course our National Anthem will be sung.

It may seem strange me showing the Anthem being sung at a rugby match when we are famous for our Male Voice choirs but this is how it's meant to be sung, It was written to be a rugby song and then it slowly became our anthem. Plus rugby is our national sport. There is nothing like hearing 80,000 voices belting out Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau to bring a tear to this Welsh girl's eye.

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