Monday, 20 March 2017

A Day Late

Well it was National Quilting Day on Saturday and I did nothing. Ok I did pick up some wadding but I don't think that really counts. Sunday was different as I was home alone all day. So, albeit a day late, I celebrated National Quilting Day by chaining myself to my sewing machine.

First up I made the Bee blocks for this month.

Michelle asked for string blocks measuring 13". Her requests were no white and no large scale prints.  Here they are together.

Katrina wanted 16" Pineapple Blocks.

These were a challenge as I really do not like the Pineapple.

 She asked for low volume and pinks, yellows, teals, greens and reds.

And both together.

These have gone off in the mail and should be received soon.

Those kept me busy for the morning and after lunch I worked on this months UFO.

I turned the blocks from this post  into this.

This is the centre of the quilt. I've still the pieced borders to attach. I've actually made half of the borders and took a picture but I've managed to delete the pic somehow so you'll have to wait until they are attached.
The plan for the week is to finish piecing the quilt, sandwich it and start quilting. But first I have blogs and e mails to catch up on,


  1. I love those string blocks! Nice Job!

  2. Popping over from 2017 New Quilter Blogs. Great String Blocks!

  3. I love those string blocks! Very bright & colorful!

  4. I always love string blocks . I have yet to start my pineapple blocks . Do they take a lot of concentration? I'm a bit low on that at the minute !


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