Sunday, 5 February 2017

Coffee...I need coffee

It was proved to me today that I really shouldn't sew before I've had my coffee.  Why? Well for 2 reasons.

First up I made this month's block for a sew along via a group on FB. The blocks are 12" finished but I'm doing a mixture of 12" and 6". I cut all my pieces as if I was doing a 6" block. Trimmed my hsts and sewed it all together.

Now spot the not so deliberate mistake when put up against last month's block.

Yep this month's turned out to be 4" as I'd managed to trim the hst's to the finished size and not the unfinished size. Still it's not the end of the world. I'll make it work.

Up next was a Bee block. The Queen, Joanne had asked for a pippi longstocking block as per the tutorial HERE.

This block requires a bit of improv piecing. As you may be aware me and improv piecing is a recipe for disaster. I'm far too much of a control freak for improv. Anyway I pulled up my big girl pants and tackled it.

Yep, another size issue. This time Pippi is slightly thinner than I had envisaged. Still the block is supposed to be improv and I've cleared it with Joanne who's happy with her.

After these two design changes I decided I'd better have a bucket  cup of coffee.

Suitably caffeinated I tackled the next Bee blocks.

Anneliesse asked for any size star block. The only proviso was the background was dark grey and the star was to be bright.

First up is an 18" block

Next up, as this Bee requires two blocks sent per month is a 12" foundation pieced star.

And finally, because I couldn't resist making another one ( I love stars), a 6" foundation pieced.

So that's my Bee and Sew Along blocks all done for the month. I can now concentrate on quilting my UFO challenge quilts. More on them later in the week as Judy's February Quiltathon starts on Wednesday until Saturday. With a bit of luck I can get most of one of the quilts done by the end of the weekend.


  1. You have done well with your catch ups! Sweet Pippi Longstocking block.

  2. they are all fab blocks! I can't even get dressed before having coffee in a morning!

  3. I love your Pippi, I think she looks perfect. And your mariner's star for Anneliese ..... well, my block will be the perfect foil .... so simple to do in contrast! I take my hat off to you Gina.

  4. So many great blocks! Those bees must be fun!

  5. Love the star blocks. You really do have to read twice (or in my case three or four times) before cutting. I've done that trick a time or two.


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