Thursday, 12 January 2017

Quick Start to Finish

So I was scanning through Instagram the other day and fell in love with some fabric. It was farm animals in yoga positions. I had to have some and tracked yardage down at It's been ordered and is winging its way across the ocean to me.

BUT, I also had a quick peek on E Bay and managed to pick up a FQ of the same fabric over here in the UK

along with frogs in yoga poses that are adorable.

The reason I couldn't wait for the fabric from the US to appear is that my Yoga partner in crime ( we started on the same day) has her birthday tomorrow. I just had to use this fabric for something for her.

I fussy cut some of the animals and bordered them . Sewed them together and she will now have a new mug rug for her desk.

I used the other fabric for the back ( the frogs I'm keeping for myself)

The quilting was fairly simple. Just a cross hatch, leaving the fussy cuts alone. I couldn't decide whether to quilt in a non metallic gold or a pale blue. I decided on both. The blue in one direction and the gold in the other.

And that's it. A few hours work this afternoon.

The yardage that's on the way from the US includes another fabric in the range and will become a lap quilt for me to use in class.


  1. Great mug rug and you're doing well with the yoga . I should try it

  2. Fun present! And fun that you found some of that fabric "at home" while you're waiting for the rest. It was meant to be.

  3. I can see why you wanted the fabrics, they made me smile! I'm sure your yoga partner will love her new mug rug.

  4. That is hilarious - I can imagine the fun the designer had when drawing these. I can see why you tracked them down!

  5. What a perfect find for your friend! Don't blame you for hanging onto the froggies for yourself, they're very cute. :)

  6. That fabric is so fun! The mug rug is a great gift idea and I love the two-toned quilting :) Thanks for linking to TGIFF!

  7. I should dig out my yoga tapes and try it again. (I do not believe anything can make me feel more humble than trying yoga - lol! Last time I tried, my youngest walked in the room and said, "Um, Mom? I don't think that's how she's doing it on the video." To which I replied, "I know honey. Mommy's body won't stretch that way...") The cow prints are cute. The frogs are fantastic! What a fun project for your yoga partner in crime. :)


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