Sunday, 15 January 2017

Not just the year of Quilty UFO's

As you know I've declared this the year of the UFO. No new quilts to start unless it's birthday/wedding/new baby quilts.

So far so good. I've finished a few, another will be sandwiched tomorrow once I sort out the backing. I'm pretty confident I'll get that done by the end of the month too.

Well that got me thinking. It's not just quilty UFOs I've got tucked away in my sewing room. I've also got a few ( actually more than I thought) cross stitches started and put away for one reason or another. I dragged them out of their hiding places and decided to list these to sew in conjunction with the UFO Challenge I'm doing.

1.  The Nebula

This is a HAED design and huge. It'll measure 2ft x 2ft when finished and has over 390,000 stitches in it. You can see the finished picture and my progress on my side bar. I can guarantee this will not be finished this year but I'd like to get the top row of pages done,

2.  ( and 8) The Kingfisher

This is one of a series of birds by Heritage Stitches. I'd like to get it, and the rest finished and made up into cushions.

3. The Teddies ( this months UFO number)

 Although the top cross stitch is finished. I finished it today to be honest. the other in the series isn't started. I'd like to get them both done and then I'll  border and quilt them into a wall hanging for a nursery. Who's I don't know so it'll go into the emergency present box.

4. ( and 9 ) The Big Cats

I've an awful feeling that I may have to frog this one as I seem to remember being a row/couple of stitches out. I'll have to have a good look.

 5.  ( and 10) Winnie The Pooh Height chart

I have no idea why I started this one. Once finished I'll probably border and quilt it up and it'll go into the emergency present box.

6. (and 11) The Grey Owl

I'm not a fan of the background colour for this to be honest. It's worse than black for making your eyes tired. I love the owl though so need to get it finished

7. ( and 12) The Panther

This contains black,  dark black grey, black grey, very dark grey......well you get the picture. It's a nightmare and the only one on the list I'm really not looking forward to working on. Still once done it'll look good and maybe I can move onto the partner, a white tiger with white, pale pale grey, pale grey, off white.......etc etc

As you can see I've numbered most of them twice so I am covered for the 12 months of the UFO challenge as I doubt whether I'll get any done in just the one month. My eyes are no longer good enough to sew for long and I need perfect light. Still if even one gets finished I'll be pleased. 


  1. Sounds like you need some cheater eyeglasses... I can't stitch without mine anymore! Enjoy your stitching!
    Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!

  2. These are all fabulous! I was wondering how The Nebula was doing. Beautiful progress. With the dark colors and small count fabric, I would be lost without the magnifying OttLite my husband gave me for Christmas last year. Without it, I could only stitch near the window on well lit days. I look forward to seeing your progress!

  3. Like myself you've been digging through those boxes in the back of the cupboard ! I seem to remember you starting a large planetary cross stitch for your husband? Is that nebular ?

  4. Lots to keep you busy then - good luck. xx

  5. great idea adding your cross stitch too. It will be a bonus getting them all progressed if not finished


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