Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Judy's UFO Challenge

As I've designated 2017 the year of the finishes it only makes sense to join in on a UFO challenge. Having a nose around blogland I came upon Judy's Challenge at Patchwork Times.

The idea is the normal simple one. Pick 12 UFO/WIPs and each month work on one. So after going through my lists I've decided on the following twelve.

1. Simple Times

Well this one is so unworked I don't even have any pics of it. basically its a BOM in 1930's reproductive fabric that I'm just over half way on. Most of the blocks are done I just need to finish them,make the borders and sew into a top, sandwich, quilt and bind. ( Edited to include a pic)

2. Atlantis

Another BOM and my oldest UFO. I finished the piecing this year but it needs quilting and binding.

3. Dotty about Scraps

My first scrap quilt and my first self designed quilt. It's been languishing in my to quilt box for too long.

4. Tula Sampler

My friends and I started this as a challenge a few years ago. I fell behind after doing best part of three quarters of the blocks. They are all done in various batiks. I need to finish the blocks, get the quilt together and quilt it.

5. Turning Twenty Stars BOM

This was a BOM from the end of last year through the beginning of this. I think it was 12 12" locks and 12 6" blocks. I've done the blocks, I need to set then and get the quilt together, quilt and bind.

6. Blossom Heart Bee

I took part in a few Bees this year and although I've pieced this top I've yet to quilt and bind it.

7. Stash Bee

Another Bee quilt to be quilted

8. Buzzy Friends Bee

A pile of 6" stars waiting to be sewn into a top and quilted.

9. Modern Bee

Another one I can't find a picture of. Tut tut. Anyway this one is sandwiched and stitched in the ditch. I have a quilting plan I just need to quilt it.  ( Edited to include a pic)

10. Mini Medallion

This is a small quilt ( about 36" I think) and was done as a sew along . It just needs quilting.

11, Dancing With Stars

This was a BOM sent every month from Stitchin Heaven in Texas and needs quilting. If you look closely you may see that the fabrics in this and Mini Medallion are similar. In fact I used the scraps from this to make the medallion quilt.

12,   Modern Classic BOM

Again an online sew along. We were encouraged to take a fresh look at classic blocks. I had great fun playing around in EQ with this. The blocks are all done, I just need to settle on a setting and get it finished.

Well these are my 12. No doubt I'll be working on a few more along side them during the year. I'm off to link my list up at Judy's now,


  1. Oh am I glad that I'm not the only one with lots of UFO/WIPs, perhaps I should take a leaf out of your book and get organised. You have beautiful quilts there to work on, I love the Tula Sampler - I have this book but needed to get inspired - after seeing yours I think I am!

  2. The interesting thing here is all your UFO and wip are all either mostly bee or bom ? Less love for these than your own quilts ?

  3. Oh my goodness - that's excellent planning! I don't have many WIPs as I finish up as I go along usually, but I'm in awe of some of your patchwork - there's so much work in those projects. Look forward to seeing them finished. Happy New Year!

  4. That's a nice collection of UFO's! I'll enjoy seeing you finish them as we work on our projects each month. Happy new year!

  5. Wow! These are all gorgeous. I cannot wait to see your finishes.


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