Wednesday, 21 December 2016

A Change is in the Stars

Back in August I first blogged about Sleeping Under The Stars ( HERE), a King Sized quilt I was making as a house warming present.

Updates were posted HERE,  HERE, HERE and HERE.

My last post showed it half done.

 A few days later all the blocks were finished and ready to get put together.

It was at that point it was decided that a King Sized possibly wouldn't be large enough so I decided to sash all the 24" blocks. Along with a border the quilt now measured 120" x 120" and I had to use the Yoga studio floor to sandwich it.

 It took two months to get it quilted on my Janome. Each block took me a day

 And before you ask, yes it was heavy and awkward and I'm forever grateful to my Yoga teachers for unknotting my shoulders on a regular basis.

Anyway on to the quilty pics.

I quilted diamonds in white in the border and FMQ'd around them, also in white. I then quilted a feather motif in each diamond in pale blue.

 I left the stars alone, just stitching in the ditch around them.

The sashing was quilted in diamonds again. I used a darker, variegated thread and left them empty.

And now to the blocks.

I'd drawn out a rough quilting doodle to help me.

 The idea was to stitch in the ditch all the seam lines. I then left the blue fabric alone and just concentrated on the white background fabric.

I used a combination of white and a variegated pale/medium blue for the motifs

 I quilted a variety of stars and filled them in in the corner stones of the fabric stars. The background was a combination of parallel ( ish) lines, feather motif and FMQ

The effect is of shadow stars dotted in amongst the real fabric stars

And with thanks to my yoga buddies for holding the quilt up for me,

The finished quilt, bound in the same blue as the sashing. Its off on it's way to it's new home tomorrow.

If I ever mention that I'm going to do another Super King Sized please feel free to slap the stupid out of me.


  1. What's the phrase - I like big quilts and I cannot lie ;-) Love a nice big quilt to snuggle under, and even though it looks like it took a while, it also looks fantastic! I bet it is well loved in it's new home. Great job!
    E xx

  2. It's gorgeous, I can't imagine quilting that large of a quilt with a sewing machine! Kudo's to you! And Merry Christmas.

  3. You had a wonderful vision for this quilt, and executed it to perfection.

  4. Super King Size - unbelievable! It is so pretty and the quilting is truly amazing - and done on a standard machine! (Am now following you and look forward to seeing your projects)

  5. Well done, such a beautiful quilt. Lucky owners. Your quilting design is fabulous and adds super texture! Love it!

  6. Lovely! Really like your quilting plan too, a great idea.

  7. Love it! Your quilting is amazing and beautiful.

  8. It's beautiful Gina - the quilting is amazing. xx

  9. Fabulous! What an extreme labour of love! And do beautiful!

  10. Oh Gina this is AHH-MAZING!!!! I have a 'thing' for ghost quilting and your stars are incredible, truly twinkly and I cannot believe you did all this on a domestic!!! Yay for yoga for many reasons right?!

  11. That is fantastic - in size, design and your quilting! You're featured on Finished or Not Friday tomorrow!

  12. I hope the recipient appreciates all the time and hard work that went into this. There was definitely a lot of both. It is really beautiful.

  13. Wow what an effort - so beautiful - top marks for persistence - I'm sure it will be well loved! Happy New Year!!


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