Friday, 9 September 2016

With Apologies to Bon Jovi

Altogether ladies.......OOOOOOOO we're halfway theeerree, OOOO living on a, only me OK then. Not a problem.

Yes I'm halfway done on all my blocks and they are looking quite good together on my bed.

I've also completed the other large star points so each block looks like this so far

I'm keeping all the bits for each block together by attaching them with a binding clip as I don't have a design wall. I find this the easier way of keeping all the bits together.

 I've cut out the remaining blocks ready to sew ( My back may never forgive me)

and this will be the weekends/next weeks job. I'm hoping to be ready to turn the blocks into a top next weekend.

This was my pile of fabrics at the start of the quilt

And here's what's left

This is all the white that's left from 7.5 metres. Now that's a close call.


  1. Looking great Gina - I love the design. Very close on that white! it's amazing how much you need. xx

  2. Congratulations on reaching the halfway mark!! How effective the darker blue edging the star points is.

  3. Well done on the half way point . 7.5 m is a lot of fabric !

  4. What a gorgeous quilt! It looks like you measured your white fabric perfectly. Wow. Beautiful work!

  5. I think in song lyrics, so I'm totally with you and will sing right along. I love your quilt in progress and I love, love, love the name "sleeping under the stars."


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