Saturday, 3 September 2016

And finally Cakes

Well seeing as the title of the blog is Quilts and Cakes there seems to have been quite a few quilts but very little cakes lately. That is about to be rectified.

Thursday I decided to have a baking day. I tend to completely go overboard with the baking. One cake is never enough. To be fair though by the time hubby and daughter have taken some into their works, family have had their share and any waifs and strays decide to show up because they've heard I'm baking take some we are lucky if we get to keep a quarter of what I bake. Not that I mind as I do enjoy baking and like that people get pleasure from it.

First up is Chocolate Orange Brownie

A bit strong on taste but great served warm  with cream or custard.

Next we have a ton of cupcakes.

Spiced apple and sultana with white chocolate topping.

Cappuccino cupcakes with vanilla icing and cocoa dusting, sprinkled with choc chipc

Mars Bar cupcakes.
Chocolate cupcakes with a caramel centre, Choc fudge topping and a slice of mars bar.

Custard cream cupcakes.
Vanilla cupcake with custard centre. Vanilla and custard cream icing and custard cream biscuit decoration.

And finally choc chip cookies and white choc and raspberry cookies.

This'll keep everyone going until next week when the tins will be ready to be refilled.


  1. Woohoo! Fabulous! I bet your house smells fantastic.

  2. The spiced apple and sultana with the white chocolate topping is my sort of cup cake!! I am having a cuppa presently and could just eat one!
    You must have spent all day flat out baking, but what a wonderful selection.

  3. Yes, it is definitely cake baking time again. I love the sound of the cappuccino cup cakes but all look delicious. xx

  4. Mmm funny how we all start thinking about baking again now ! My blog is sewing, knitting baking and wine drinking . Trust me the latter has been going on in the background

  5. Wow! These all look amazing.


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