Friday, 26 August 2016

Seeing Stars

I left my last post with this picture of my friendship star units

Wednesday was such a glorious day I set up my spare machine in the garden

and turned that pile into these

These are the first of the 7 units that make up each block. The star is 5" finished and the unit is 6" x 12" finished.

Next up is to turn this pile of fabrics into the friendship star variation that is the centre of the main star

Another nice day so I think it'll be sewing in the garden again this afternoon.


  1. Looks lovely sitting outdoors to sew! Not sure I'd try it with three dogs but I can imagine!

  2. I love your progress. It's so pretty. I hope you are having fun in the garden.

  3. Sewing in the garden sounds lovely and the blues you are using are so calm and serene. Sounds like a very relaxing time!


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