Wednesday, 10 August 2016

July Bee Blocks

Yes I know, nothing for a month and then two posts in a day. I really need to get a handle on blogging again. The problem is I don't get on the lap top that often anymore so I don't get the chance to blog ( or keep up with my blogger friends). I'm too busy sewing and gardening. I think I'm going to become a winter blogger when there's very little gardening to keep me busy.

Anyway enough of that. Time for quilty pics.

First up we have July's block for the Blossom Heart Quilt Bee. This is the Double Star Block from Blossom Heart's block list in teal, greys and yellows.

Next up for the Stash Bee are these string blocks. Apart from a thin white strip in the centre we were free to use whatever fabrics we wanted in whatever width.

Using my newly sorted scraps ( which made life alot easier) I made these two blocks to send ( aswell as sending some spare strips)

We didn't have to trim just make sure that our 12" ruler fitted with room to spare.

THat's all the Bees sorted. I was Queen in the Buzzy Friends Bee and once all the blocks come in I can show you what I make with them. 


  1. I LOVE that idea! So much simpler than foundation piecing. I'm definitely going to try that!


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