Friday, 19 August 2016

Festival of Quilts part 4

I hope you're not bored of these quilt pics yet. If you are I'm sorry.

Today the pics are of stunning piecing and quilting and once again there are loads so make a cup of something hot and settle down.

This first quilt was a winner in the two person quilt. One person made it and another quilted it.

Can you believe this was someone's first quilt. It won that category.

Another winner. This time of the Contemporary quilts

The next quilt seemed to be quite simple in construction but again the quilting was amazing

A gorgeous wholecloth quilt done on a hand dyed fabric

Loved this next one even though it was a nightmare to photograph

Another wholecloth quilt but this time hand quilted

A machine pictorial wholecloth

Each of the motifs on this quilt were machine embroidered

This was a stunning hand quilted wholecloth quilt and this one the visitors choice

All the flowers on this quilt were 3D like the pic above

THe quilting on the following quilt was amazing. It wasn't until you got close that you realised not all the coloured fabric was in fact coloured but white with quilting

It seemed that gluing gemstones/rhinestones onto quilts is in fashion this year and this next quilt was no exception. It was one of those that was tastefully done. Some seemed to be sparkly just for the sake of it.

Another hand quilted quilt

THis final quilt ( for today) is a machine wholecloth. It, quite rightly, was named Best In Show

That's it for today. I hope I haven't taken up too much of your time. Tomorrow will be the last post showing pics from the show. It'll be the best of the rest or the weird and the wonderful. Quilts that I liked but can't really categorize them with the ones I've already shown


  1. You must have had a ball there Gina - wonderful photos. A lot of quilts these days are very heavily quilted, and I love to see the designs, the quilters of these must have stacks of ideas and patience! I have to admit that for my own quilts I prefer pretty simple quilting.

  2. Wow! There is serious WOW factor here! It must be a little overwhelming in person, but I'd be OK with that kind of overwhelming:) Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you. Another amazing collection - the standard is very high. xx

  4. Hello, thank you for sharing your pictures with us.


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