Monday, 15 August 2016

Festival of Quilts Part 1

Yesterday I went to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham. It's the largest quilt show in the UK and as such has nearly 1000 quilts on show.
Some of these quilts are juried in various catergories, some are showcases from other countries or designers. Nearly all are available to photograph. . When I tell you I killed my camera with all the photos I took it will give you some idea of what you are in for. I took over 300 photos.

I've decided to spread the photos out over various blog posts other wise I'm going to be here all day putting them on here and your going to be here all day looking at them.

So today I'll be showing the pics I took of the Children's catergory ( that's ages 5-16) and what used to be known as the 3D catergory.

First up the childrens competion which had a seaside theme. This was the only themed competition. All the rest was personal inspiration.

A skirt ( and yes I would wear it)

This ( along with the other below ) was a full sized deck chair

 The deck chair below was the winner of the 8-11 year old class

This was the winner of the 5-8 year old class

 And this was the winner of the 11-16 year old class.

  Some detail

I hope these keep up with quilting as there will be some amazing quilts to come from them I think.

Next up the Quilted Creations ( or 3D). I love this catergory as there's always some funky stuff in there. This year was no different.

The winner was this fabulous priests robe in rainbow colours

You can just see on the floor at his feet a shroud. This is a representation of Richard III who's body was found last year beneath a carpark in a city in England and has recently been reinterred with full honours.

There was a fabulous jacket in this catergory. The embroidery and bead work was amazing.

Remember I mentioned things being a bit funky in this catergory, well here she is.

And finally a fabric Osprey, one of our endangered Birds of Prey

I'll show you the few things I bought while there. I went with a list of two things and I was surprisingly good.

I bought some light blue FQ's for Sleeping Under the Stars, a rotating cutting mat as I think this will be extremely handy when cutting out that quilt. I also picked up a pattern of the sheep draught excluder. Sheep are the nearest thing to a national animal Wales has ( if you discount the Red Dragon) and I just couldn't resist.

Well that's easing you in slowly. Tomorrow will be the miniatures ( and they are) and the Japanese and Korean exhibit.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing these photos Gina - a feast for the eyes and I'm going to sit a little longer and look through them again!

  2. Some beautiful work by children there Gina, amazing. Great osprey - well, everything was lovely, thanks. xx


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