Saturday, 13 August 2016

Blast from the past

I'm off to a quilt show tomorrow where there will be loads of quilts to take photos of ( this is your warning of posts to come) and plenty of sellers to try and part me from my money.

I don't like taking large bags to these events as it's too much potch to keep delving in them to try and find my purse/camera/phone/sanity. Yesterday I decided to make myself a nice little cross over bag.

Looking through my few bag patterns there was only one choice. Lazy Girl's Runaround, my go to pattern from many many years ago. A quick and easy pattern ( less than an hour from start to finish) that only uses 2 FQs

Fabric choice was my next thought. Looking through my FQ's I found some Disney villans. I love Malificent and the evil queen from Snow White so this was perfect. The only thing I wasn't happy with was wasting some of it as I fussy cut some pieces. Such is life though

 I matched the evil fabric with some pale purple for the top and straps.

I managed to get some more fussy cut for the back although not a full piece. The pocket has had a very thin border of the purple to bring it up to size. The back has been split into two pieces. I've used a decorative stitch just below the seam to look as though this was meant to be and not that I ran out of fabric.

The bag is just large enough for my phone, camera, keys and purse. It means I can keep my hands free for fabric fondling and picture taking. Any purchases will be handed to the daughter who's coming to carry the other bags. ( but don't tell her it can be a surprise ).


  1. Awesome bag Gina. I can just see you with it.

  2. What a beauty of a bag - I love it! We shall all be waiting to see your photos and any fabrics.

  3. Perfect bag - hope you had a great time. xx


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