Monday, 22 August 2016

Beach Bag and a finish

A month or two back I was blog browsing and came across this post from Sandra featuring a fabulous beach hut bag she had made. She mentioned that she was going to write it up as a pattern and I commented that I would love to make it when the pattern came out.
A couple of weeks ago I had an email to ask whether I was still interested in the pattern and if so could I test it out. I immediately said yes.
Yesterday was a grey, wet day and what was needed was a bright sunny bag to make. So I did.

Side one

 Side two

It's a lovely big bag ( about 20" x 20") and although no pockets inside it wouldn't take a genius to put some in if wanted. I'll be using mine as a carry all so don't want any.

Talking of inside, Sandra used a wipe clean laminate for hers but I didn't have any. I did have this sea and seagull fabric though. I'd bought it for another project but the colour wasn't right. It's perfect for this.

Now if you follow the quilting instructions I reckon the bag would only take approx 2 hours from cutting to finish. I however decided to go for the heavy quilting ( would you expect anything different) so the bag did take me longer.

I did a weird line on the sand to show the different layers you get on a beach.

Near the green I over quilted with some greens to look like the grasses you get where the sand meets the land. I also followed the seam of where the sand meets the beach huts and quilted grasses along there too.

The bucket and spade were appliqued on using a turquoise thread

And the sun with a yellow/orange. To go with the clouds quilted on the sky I embroidered a few more rays on the sun.

I did change the pattern slightly. Next to the beach huts Sandra had sand going all the way to the sky. I decided to piece this strip having sand, greenery and the sky. This was a personal choice and not because I didn't like the original. It's my little bit of individuality as you know I can't make anything exactly as stated.

Although it's now finished I may pick up some small buttons or charms to sew around the doors of the beach huts.

 I don't need to make this again but I would love to. I'm now on the hunt to find someone who wants a bag like this so I can remake it. Of course as the pattern also gives instructions for a wall hanging I could always make one of those.

EDIT - please note the pattern for this bag can be found  from Sandra on Craftsy HERE  or on Payhip HERE


  1. Its an adorable bag! You both did great!

  2. It's a wonderful bag. Great that you could pattern test it for Sandra.

  3. That turned out really nice. I have beach themed fabric I have not known what to do with it and would be perfect for something like this!

  4. Thank you so much for testing the pattern, and making such a lovely version of the bag! I love how you have made it your own. I hope you get a lot of pleasure from it!

  5. You did a great job on your house bag.

  6. What a great bag - I like the way you altered the design a bit. I love it and it sounds nice and big too. xx

  7. You bag is adorable and I love that you explained your thought process behind the quilting. Clever to quilt in the grass! It's thoughtful for the pattern to also include instructions for turning it into a wall hanging. I need to make several bags for an upcoming retreat - I better get started! :) Thanks for sharing on MCM!

  8. It's great how you made the bag your own personal way. Thanks for linking up to Finished or Not Friday.

  9. What a great bag! You do the loveliest work. Sandra's pattern is darling.


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