Wednesday, 10 August 2016

A new workroom ( sort of)

Finally I have a workroom again. The leak has been mended and I've moved back in. Admittedly it's taken longer than I had planned but what with being away, hubby's work and the weather being too nice to work indoors we haven't spent much time on in it.

Anyway let me take you on a small tour.

First up we laid a wood floor instead of carpet. Much easier to find all those drop pins.  I've put a nice big rug under my sewing table to help reduce any vibration.
I've moved my sewing and cutting tables to under the window to take advantage of the light.

I've taken my large ironing board out of the room but kept my small one up on the table for pressing blocks etc.

Under the cutting table are drawers with my stationery, bags for my wadding plus boxes that hold my UFO's and tops to be quilted.

I used to hold my fabric in chests of drawers but that meant I couldn't find anything. I was going to buy some book cases but found these frames instead. These are actually garden coldframes and come with a clear cover. I'll be using the cover as a pattern and making some fabric covers for the frames to keep off the dust. I do need to tidy my fabric but that's for another day. 
On top are my WIPs and some fabric baskets containing panels and precuts. The drawers beside them hold threads and all my sewing stuff such as spare needles, bobbins, marking pens etc. They also hold my cross stitch and embroidery supplies

Finally my scraps and printer (under the Malificent cloth).

I used this opportunity to tidy and sort all my scraps. Each of the baskets contain a different colour. The striped baskets at the side contain bright and pastel scraps that couldn't be sorted any other way. Eventually I'll make fabric baskets for my scraps so they'll all fit on the shelf easier.

So now I've got my room back I can sew in peace again. Sewing on the dining table wasn't really suitable so I only did what I had to. Now I can play to my hearts content again without disturbing anyone.


  1. Wonderful sewing room! Congrats on getting it back. Mine needs a clean out in a bad way, but I'd rather spend the time stitching than cleaning, haha.

  2. Looks great - always a lovely feeling to be organised again.xx


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