Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Whitby Quilt Show 2016

We've just come back from a week in Yorkshire. A fabulous place, almost as beautiful as Wales. I'll drip feed some of my pics as the weeks go on so I don't bore you all.

First up I have some pics I took at a Quilt Show I was lucky enough to attend while there.

It was held in a conference centre which was lovely and bright and roomy. A big plus for me as I suffer from claustraphobia and can't cope with crowds.

The quilt show is held every two years by the local group and looking at the quilts the standard is very high. I don't think I took pics of every quilt but I didn't miss many.

The show wasn't juried but the traders all picked out their favourites which were all given a small prize. The Heron quilt above was one of them.

There was a challenge where the group all had the same panel and decorated it how they wished. We were encouraged to vote for our favourites using any small change with all the monies going to charity.

 These were my favourites

There were also a couple of great whole cloth quilts on show.

We were asked to vote for our favourite out of all of the quilts and this is the one I chose.

It's made from a couple of Batik charm packs. I kept going back to this one as the one I would most like to make or receive as a present.
Hubby came into the show with me, always a nervous time. He's an engineer and has very exacting standards where quilts are concerned. He took his job as judge very seriously and managed to find something wrong with most of the quilts. He's never nasty about any quilt but he just can't help noticing any wonky seams or cut off corners. It's his training unfortunately.

This is the quilt he chose. Apart from the fact that it didn't have any "mistakes" he loved the colours and design. It's also a Batik quilt and as he loves Batiks as much as I do there was no doubt it would be his favourite.

The show ran for a few days and I'm trying to find out which quilt did win the visitors favourite as it will be interesting to see if it was either of our choices.


  1. Great collection of quilts - thanks for sharing the pictures. xx

  2. good to see these quilt I live in Yorkshire but have never been to Whitby no excuse really as being an OAP I can get a bus for free but takes three and three quarter hours each way! By the time you get there it would be time to come back.

  3. My husband having been a surveyor would be exactly the same . I'm not s great fan of batik but that quilt looks really well . A great mix of quilts there

  4. Lovely quilt show! I don't do crowds well, either! Your husband is a hoot!

  5. Thanks for the photos - I'll try to find out which quilt won!


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