Friday, 24 June 2016

Shop goodies

A few weeks ago when I decided what my OMG was for June I mentioned that a shop owning friend asked if I could make her some quilty goodies to sell in her shop. She was after cot quilts, cushions, table runners and mug rugs.

The first of the makes went up the other day.

First up was a cot quilt/table runner

This was made from an off white and my Liberty Scraps. It was bound in a pale green.

The negative space had a flower type design quilted in it as a pinwheel

 and the outer edges were quilted in a large stipple.

I couldn't decide whether I wanted to keep my Gypsy Wife quilt so I've sent that up too. If it sells then great if not then no harm done

This was made using Moda Printemps and I had a jelly roll plus some scraps remaining. I decided to make some matching cushions as Maria, my friend, seemed to like the colour palette.

First cushion is a strip background using the jelly roll and then machine appliqued letters out of the scraps

I added a matching strip on the reverse.

Next one is again a strip background but his time I've machine appliqued LOVE on the front

Again a simple envelope reverse with a matching strip

 Next up is a pleated version. I folded the jelly roll strips in half lengthways and sewed them, overlapping, onto a calico and wadding background

The envelope reverse has the same idea strip, but no wadding this time.

Finally a 9 patch cushion. I used 2 no 9 patches for each side. The middle is plain calico with a few buttons sewn on. The seams are trimmed with a narrow band of lace and I've quilted it in a cross hatch pattern

The reverse has a strip of squares

Well that's it for now. I'm half way through my OMG list but have linked up with this post as a start. I'm still sewing and should have some mug rugs and table runners to show you by the end of the month.


  1. Those are fabulous projects! It's nice to see your completed Gypsy Wife as I am working on that now.

  2. Great collection of cushions. xx

  3. You are so very productive, yet manage to turn out beautiful, nice quality work! Thanks for sharing all your eye-candy with OMG. I was surprised you will sell your Gypsy Wife!

  4. Wow. You really do the most amazing work. Beautiful!


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