Wednesday, 1 June 2016

One Monthly Goal June

Ok so I've decided, in an effort to actually get something done this month, to take part in Heidi's One Monthly Goal challenge.

My goal will be to get my quilts and mug rugs done for my friend's shop.

I'm aiming to finish 3 quilts, 2 table runners and 6 mug rugs.

The quilts are table topper/cot quilt size so she can market them as either. I've actually finished the tops of two and am working on the third

This one, called Liberty Logs, is a white background and my Liberty scraps.

Now before you all faint because it's Libery I will explain. I bought some fat 8ths for a swap and only used a bit. I'm not a Liberty fan and can't see all the hoo ha over it. I do think this is quite pretty though and will look good either on a table or on the  cot/pram of a baby girl.

The other top is self designed and called Confetti Stars.

Again a white background a the last of my Bonnie and Camille. I was lucky enough to find an aqua that blended well.
This is slightly smaller than the first quilt but will still make a nice topper or cot/pram quilt.

The other quilt in progress is, hopefully, more suitable for a baby boy as I'm using my blue batiks. No pics yet as it's in the early stages.

So this month I want to finish all three, plus the table runners and mug rugs which I have got designed but yet to start.

Right I'm off to link up with Heidi


  1. I really do like the Confetti Stars with the chevron pattern mixed in with the stars. That is so clever! Good luck with your finishes.

  2. Your confetti stars really pops with the aqua. I linked up last month for the first . Have to get that done today !

  3. Liber Logs needs to come and live at my house. lol.
    Kathleen Mary

  4. That's one mighty big goal but have fun with it. You've made a great start with those beautiful baby/table topper quilts. I know what you mean about the Liberty...I like some of it but not all. It does have a nice weight to it though.

  5. Wow - that is quite a goal. Good luck finishing up your table toppers and mug rugs.

  6. Good luck with your goals Gina! Hope you get them all done - the quilts will be lovely finishes; the aqua one with the chevrons and HST is an interesting and effective design.

  7. Your goals are pretty ambitious! But pretty! Good luck!


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