Sunday, 5 June 2016

Garden Tour

As you've probably gathered the reason I'm not doing much sewing is that I'm spending most of my time working in my garden. I thought I''d give you a brief tour now that the colour is starting to emerge.
So here's the outlook from my lounge patio doors. There's a pond bang smack in the centre of the garden.

We have to put a fence of sorts around it as we have a Heron visiting quite regularly and he/she will happily empty the pond of fish

and as you can see we've quite a few

At the back of the garden and tucked in the corner is my little potting shed. I need to paint it and put some bunting up but as I only claimed it from the hubby earlier this year it's taken a while for me to clear it out,

In front is a bench that is falling apart to be honest. It's no good for sitting on so I've repurposed it as a place for pots and baskets. It's still a bit early in the season for these to be fully flowering but it won't be long

(is it me or does this look like a face).

Across a bit from the shed and still at the back of the garden is my hidden seating area. This is 90% shade all day and can be lovely and cool.

 In front of this is the second, smaller pond. Also fenced off from the Heron

The seated area links into the shaded, woodland corner of the garden filled with ferns, hellebores and hostas.

And guarding the entrance is Mabel

and Quentin

And back to the patio.

Down the side of the garden you haven't seen is my greenhouse, storage area and hubby's shed. I need to pretty it up a bit and that's my plan for this year. After that the garden is just about done and I can start on the front garden which as you can see is a bit plain and boring.

I leave you now with some flower pictures taken today.

Have a great rest of the weekend and I'll be back with some sewing pics in a few days


  1. Your garden is breathtaking!

  2. Oh, my goodness, you have created a little paradise back there! Beautiful! I know it takes a lot of hard work!

  3. Oh look at ll your different aquilegias!!! I now want to sow more in my garden. Do you know what, I might have to steal your idea of a secret sitting area, I do have a bench under a tree but in full view from our deck area - mmm time to put the thinking cap on. Thanks for showing us around your garden, it's smashing.

  4. Your garden looks stunning Gina! I love the way the potting shed nestles into the corner. A touch of the Salvador Dali's with that face on the bench. I took a walk around my garden with the camera a week ago with the intention of writing a blog post but have not got to it yet - too busy gardening and sewing! Have a good week. xx

  5. Your garden is beautiful! And yes, the bedecked bench definitely looks like a face!


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