Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Drip drip.....

......drip little April Showers ( with apologies to Disney).  Well not so much April Showers more like water pipe in my sewing room. 

So this

has become this

as I had to spend the day plugging the hole in the pipe and ripping up the soaking wet carpet. Luckily nothing ( apart from the carpet) has been ruined. It does mean though that my fabric and threads are now in the daughter's room. This is not a good thing as she's got a nasty habit of "borrowing" my fabric for her costuming. I might not get it all back. 

Anyway the plumber is coming tomorrow to fix the problem permanently. Until then I have become one of the many quilters that have to sew at the dining table.

Still once it's all sorted it means I can revamp my sewing room and have a good sort out as there's far too much non sewing stuff in there taking up room. 


  1. Oh dear!! Hope you're back in your sewing room pretty soon.

  2. I hope things are sorted out now (or will be soon!) How frustrating for you!


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