Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Bits and Pieces

As well as the projects I'm making to sell in my friend's shop I've been keeping up with a few SALs and Bees.

First up we have this months block for the Blossom Heart Bee.

Kate asked for the Quatrefoil Block in Bonnie and Camille fabrics if possible. My stash of these is very low but I managed one block. The other I did in fabrics that I hope will blend in quite nicely,

Again through Blossom Hearts I'm doing the Modern HST quilt SAL.

Each month I'm doing the blocks in a different colour to make a rainbow type quilt.  I decided that May would be orange.

I was Queen Bee in one of the Bees I take part in. Not all my blocks are received as they have quite a few miles to travel. When they are all in I will show the quilt.  In the other Bee life got in the way and the Queen is late in sending out her fabrics. Still a new Month starts today so new Bee blocks to download and make.


  1. Bee blocks do keep us all on our toes don't they ? Both as worker bee and queen bee .,sometimes the month just zooms past so quickly

  2. I love those bee blocks and am keen to see your rainbow SAL top when it's finished!


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