Tuesday, 2 February 2016

In The Pink

So after having a look through my scraps I've decided that February will be a Pink month for my 365 Quilt block quilt and the HST Sampler.

I had more pinks than I thought. Mind you there's a bit of yardage there just in case. I should be set for when I make this week's blocks on the weekend.

In other news I've been baking Welsh Cakes again.

My father is an ex Royal Marine and goes to monthly reunion type gatherings. Throughout the British Armed Forces Marines are well known for liking their food and they don't get better once they become non serving Marines. ( there's no such thing as an Ex Royal Marine). One of dad's friends had a Welsh mother and he can remember her making welsh cakes on the bakestone over a fire. Dad mentioned that I make them and a tradition was born. I now send down a box of welsh cakes to my 80yr old Bootneck 'uncle'. Each month he gives dad the box from the previous month ready to be refilled. We haven't met for nearly 30 years but I'm assured that should he be needed he's at my beck and call.

Talking of Royal Marines, we all said goodbye to Mr January in my last post so I think we should all say hello to Mr February

The calendar is one I get every year and sits on my sewing room wall.  It's from Go Commando, a charity that looks after injured and retired Marines. All the models are serving Royal Marines and apparently are more than happy to get their bodies out for us ladies.


  1. Lovely looking Welsh cakes, I think I may have a recipe in one of my books for these so I shall go and hunt! Good luck with all your pinks I shall be watching out for your circles.

  2. HEEEELLLLLOOOOOO, Mr. February! :D :D :D Rawr! With that on the wall, how do you get anything done? lol!

    Those Welsh cakes look delish - I should make some too, now we have a kitchen worthy of the name. I used to make them to take into the office when I lived in Germany and they never lasted long!

    I await your pink 365 blocks with great interest - the fabric I ordered with the 365 quilt in mind showed up today and I'm thinking of going with a dark/red theme for the first border. Might take me a wee while to catch up, though!


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