Thursday, 18 February 2016

Cross over my Sttching

I don't know if you remember but back last year I posted about discovering HAED cross stitch patterns ( found HERE).
I bought the Small Magellenic Cloud, a pic of which you can see on my side bar and promptly started stitching on 25ct.

 I will admit now that I hated stitching it, not the pattern or the company's fault though. I couldn't see the holes of the fabric and as a result couldn't stitch for long. The thread felt too thick and the result just looked a mess in my eyes. After a month I'd only got this much done.

Hubby built me a stand for my huge frame to see if that would help.

 I did persevere for a bit longer as I hate to give anything up but it was destined to become a huge ( and expensive) UFO

After asking for advice on the HAED facebook group I had an epiphany. I was going to rip the stitches out and start again.

It took me four days and alot of swearing to rip out all those tiny stitches ( over a thousand)

 But I was ready to start again. This time I was going to stitch half or tent stitches instead of the whole cross stitch. In two weeks of doing this I've managed to finish all the black of the first page ( one of 63)

that's 5968 stitches for those who are interested. I can quite happily sit in my chair and stitch all day and evening now with no stress or eye strain. I'm so pleased and am really enjoying my stitching again.
In fact I'm so pleased I've treated myself to a few other HAED patterns for the future.

You Can Leave Your Hat On

I've just kitted him up and will be rotating the stitching when I get fed up of stitching black.


  1. I had the same problem with two over one full cross on 25 count. I finally settled on 1x1 full cross and things went sooooooo much smoother. It looks lovely, I will be thrilled to see more.


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