Saturday, 30 January 2016

Meadow Mist Mystery Quilt

As you know I've been doing Cheryl's Mystery Quilt for the last few months.

We started off in June with our fabric choices

 and over the next 5 months made various units

 Which last month finally got sewn into recognisable blocks

 and at last a quilt top.

Although technically finished I do like my quilts to have a border, Trouble is I don't have much of anything left. I have just enough of the orange for binding and possibly enough of the background for a narrow border. This means a trip to the fabric shop in the hope I can find something similar to the turquoises I've used as an inner border. I also need to decide how to quilt it.

I've enjoyed the making of this quilt. I'm a huge control freak and the thought of not knowing what went where terrified me. I've not had particularly good experiences with Mystery Quilts because of this. This one kept me guessing up until the last month though and I'm pleased with how it's turned out.


  1. I love a good Mystery quilt! Your colours in this quilt are lovely, are they all batiks?

  2. It's great Gina! I totally get you n the control freak part. Love how your orange stars pop, and I think you should put a "zinger" frame of orange before a final border. I still haven't decided whether I will put a border on mine; leaning toward not at present.

  3. Mystery quilts are so scary! I love doing them, but take forever selecting fabric. Congrats on a successful pull, these look great together!

  4. Wow, Gina, your quilt looks fantastic. I think it would finish fabulously with just the orange binding, so if you're stumped at the shop - and you can bring yourself to do it - maybe that's an option? Honestly, it will be beautiful not matter what you do. :-)

  5. It looks great and I think it's great that you stretched your control freak tendencies with a mystery.


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