Sunday, 31 January 2016

End of the Blues

So today is the last day of January and the first month of the 365 Block Quilt is complete.

So far I've enjoyed making these small blocks. I don't make one a day. I've been saving up the instructions and making up 6 or 7 at a time. As you can see my colour scheme this month has been blue. My idea is to choose a different colour each month and then the resulting quilt will have a rainbow effect.

After finishing this month's blocks I had a few waifs and strays left over. THis was mainly due to making three blocks too small but there were some odd HSTs aswell.

 Well what do you know Gina can do Improv piecing after all. Just using the scraps from the blocks I made a little panel.

Which trimmed down looks like this

I'm really pleased with it. I can't decide whether to quilt it up as a mug rug or hold onto it. If there are more waifs and strays each month I could have the beginnings of a Rainbow Improv quilt. That would be spectacular for a control freak like myself.

Another quilt I'm making in a different colour each month is the Blossom Heart Modern HST Sampler quilt. As the name suggests, each of the 24 blocks will be made up of HST's and they will get harder or more involved as the year goes on. These blocks are published on Alyce's blog every 2 weeks. The picture on my sidebar will take you to the website aswell.

The first two are Candy ( bad lighting sorry)

and Ninja

I'll be making these in my month's choice of colour but they will have the same background ( white) throughout.

I've decided that next month's colour will be pink to tie in with Valentine's Day. I haven't got many pink scraps as I don't use the colour that much so my fabric choice will really be limited. This could be interesting.

The last day of January also marks the turning over the page of my Royal Marine calendar. So goodbye Mr January


  1. The 365 blocks are great but the improv block is very stunning! I look forward to seeing what you decide to do with it.

  2. I too love your improv piece - marvellous idea for using up little bits.

  3. I hope you save up and see what happens with the rainbow improv idea. You can always make mug rugs later if things don't pan out. Also, I am rooting for you in the health department. I'm a cancer survivor (7 years now), and know the fear. Wishing you good results as your health investigation proceeds.

  4. The blocks are so pretty. I love blue colour. So glad to see you up and sewing :)

  5. Beautiful blues! The improv block is a great use of those little pieces ... :) Pat

  6. Love your 365 blocks. Very pretty and vivid blues. If you are interested in stitching along with others making rainbow scrap quilts you should check out Angela's Rainbow Scrap Challenge ( She picks a scarp color every month and then has a linky party each Saturday so you can show off what you've made that week.

  7. I love that little improv piece, and I'm tempted by the 1/2 square triangles.

  8. Wow, Gina - that's a great collection of blue blocks, and I love what you did with your orphans. Both of these rainbow projects are going to be fantastic. And now we need to see Mr. February. ;D

  9. I love all the blue blocks. Mine are in purple so it's fun seeing in different colorways.

  10. The 365 block idea is so good....what a great way to make a quilt! Your blue blocks look so pretty; it will be fun to see all the different colors you do your blocks in. Thanks for sharing on MCM!

  11. I love your 365 blocks - but is it wrong that I love your improv block even more? It really has turned out great; I hope it grows along with the "main feature", as it were. :)


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