Monday, 25 January 2016

Back in a routine

So as the month of January draws to a close it's time to get back into a routine. What with the losing Stan and worrying about my health I haven't felt like doing much to be honest.
My health problems are still unknown. I had the results of my scan and the tumour hasn't reappeared. That's the good news. The bad news is that we still have no idea what's causing my pain and discomfort. More scans and tests are in my future.

I have found my way into the sewing room once or twice though. Mainly to keep up with the two Quilt Bees I'm in.

The first two blocks are for the Blossom Heart Bee. This is using any of the blocks from HERE and we are making two a month. This month Katrina asked for the Bunting block in various reds with a white background.

I'm the Queen for this Bee in February and have a great quilt design ready for when my blocks come in.

The second is the Stash Bee. We can choose any block we want for this one. Diana asked us to make the Wreath block in christmas greens and reds with a low volume background.

I'm not Queen Bee until May in this one and have changed my mind so many times as to which block I want. 

One other thing. Remember this quilt

which you can read about HERE. Well when it was put into the end of sew along linky it won a prize. 

A fabulous bundle of green solids

So thank you to every one who voted my pups as their favourite. I'm now wondering what I can make using these as I don't want to split them but use them all in one quilt..


  1. Great prize you won there! Your blocks loo great as always. I hope you overcome your health issues quickly.

  2. I was saddened to read about your health worries and the passing away of your beautiful boy Stan. *hugs* Terrible time of year for it all, too. Hope they get to the bottom of your medical mystery soon, and huge congrats on the win with the puppy quilt - it really is Doggone Cute! :)

  3. What a great prize! I love the wreath block - gorgeous colours. Hope they find out what is wrong with you soon. xx

  4. Lovely work! Congratulations on winning with your darling quilt. I am SO glad your tumor is not back, but do hope the doctors figure out what the issue is and that it is resolved quickly!

  5. Yay you won! I voted for that quilt. :-) Knowing you, you'll come up with a great idea.

  6. Such a lovely DGC quilt there!!! Congrats on the fabric! It's funny I received the FQ bundle aswell but in a different colourway and I am pondering what to do with them .....


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