Monday, 29 June 2015

Sunday Sewing and this week's to do list

If you didn't understand Welsh weather you would not believe the difference in two days. Saturday was gloriously sunny, yesterday it poured with rain for most of the day. So what's a girl to do but sew.

I've finished my Snow White stitcheries

 Is it me or does the Evil Queen look a bit like Sylvester Stallone

I need to make these into some form of pouch/basket now. The question is to colour or leave them as they are. I'll be using scraps to make up the pouch/basket so there'll be plenty of colour there. I'm thinking maybe a hint of colour here and there rather than colouring all of the stitcheries in. I'm really not sure. What do you think?

I made a start ( and nearly a finish) on another swap quilt. This one is the Viva le Villains swap on IG ( where else). Well I love a good villain. I'm definitely on the baddie's side in the films, especially if he's Loki but that's a whole other story. 

Well my partner loves female villains, especially those from the Batman comics. So with the daughter's help I present Harley Quinn.

My daughter drew her out on A3 paper for me from a few pics on the internet and I've raw edge appliqued her onto a chequerboard background. She's all sewn down I just need to quilt and bind.

I'm aiming to be quite busy in the sewing room this week, hubby's on 12 hour days and it's going to be too warm to work in the garden.

To Do List

Villains Swap - quilt and bind mini quilt
Fairytale Swap - bind quilt
                           make up pouch/basket as extra

Starbucks Swap - design and make up mug rug

Animal Swap - make up last of three goodies

One Hour Basket Swap - make up basket
                                         make up an extra

Sampler Quilt - mark corner blocks up for quilting
                          quilt corner blocks

Gypsy Wife - get quilt together

Tula Sampler - make up  at least 2 blocks

I think that's enough to keep me going for the week. Check back next Monday to see whether I've over estimated how much I can get done


  1. Wow! You'll be busy this week! Your projects look great. I think you're right that just a little color may add to your stitching. Lovely work!

  2. Your Snow White pieces are both fabulous! I don't have an opinion on adding color. I think they would be fantastic with or without. And your Harley Quinn piece is awesome! (We are big superhero fans in our household.) This is fantastic!

  3. I love the Snow White embroidery. Yes the Queen resembles Sylvester Stallone and yes I think they need a touch of color. Your Harley Quinn piece is great also. Your project list made me tired. Happy Stitching!

  4. What great projects you have been working on... really fun! Good luck with that long list of 'to do' items! :) x

  5. Your two embroideries will look lovely on a basket! And I love your Harlequin.

    Thanks so much for linking up to last week's Stitchery Link Party! Hug!


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