Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Birds and Baskets

I've finished my Cotton and Steel swap quilt

 I struggled with what fabric to bind it but decided on a white on white pin stripe that I found in my stash

I named it 'All the pretties fly South for the Winter' as to me it looked like the colourful birds flying away and just leaving the drab birds. Or do I just need more coffee.

Anyway I always send some extras in my swap parcel so withe some of the left over fabric I made a set of  fabric baskets.

The tutorial is at Seaside Stitches blog HERE

I made three sizes so they fit in each other.

As they were really quick to make up I made some more for another monthly swap

I quilted these which made them firmer.  The  square sizes I started with are 12", 9" and finally the smallest is 6".  Each set took about an hour from start to finish.

Tomorrow is going to be spent on the garden as I had a delivery of some hedging plants that need to go in the ground. Also I've bought a new statue for the garden and need to find a place for it

It's a Celtic Cross, a traditional piece of stoneware found all over Wales in various forms. This will fit in with the dragons ( another Welsh symbol) that are in the garden.


  1. I love the Celtic Cross. Great quilting inspiration. The baskets are cute too.

  2. Your quilt is awesome and I love the name! I keep thinking I need to make a quilt with flying geese and yours has inspired me again. Celtic crosses are my favorite. I have one in my garden, too.

  3. Lots of great projects going on at your place and I really love the garden art work.

  4. I really like your mini! And those baskets are fun. Great finishes!

  5. I do love the mini! I'm a sucker for low volume and you nailed it!

  6. Love your flying geese quilt! And a great name :).


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