Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Ace's High

The baby quilt from the last post is all finished.

Some close ups of the quilting. I did a combination of lines and squiggles across the blocks. Some blocks I left unquilted, although all seam lines were stitched in the ditch. For the larger blocks I just quilted around the clouds, parachute and plane propellers to give a slight 3D effect.

I auditioned a few of the fabrics I used for the binding and finally settled on the orange.

Although it looks bright in the pics taken inside, that's nothing to how bright it is in proper sunlight.
Here it is drying on the line yesterday after having been in the washing machine.

I couldn't decide what to call it but as I was putting in the last stitch on the binding the song Aces High by Iron Maiden came on the radio. It's all about pilots and flying  so it seemed appropriate.

This will be packaged off to it's new home next week after I've made a matching nappy basket.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Making it up as I go along

Hubby came home from work a few months ago and announced he's found someone who wanted a baby quilt. Well maybe not wanted one but as his wife was pregnant hubby's work mate got told they were having one. I've got my hubby well trained to pounce on signs of weddings and births.

There was no real theme but the couple knew they were having a boy so something blue and/or neutral was settled on. The due date is end of September.

While away in Yorkshire I picked up these fabrics

I mean who doesn't like cute flying pups.

I fussy cut the panels to get three large squares and a few smaller ones. I cut the borders from the large squares so I could use the fabric somewhere else on the quilt. From the plains I cut strips and squares to use to border the fussy cut pups.

I made a few pinwheel blocks and log cabins as fillers and then laid it all out on the bed.

Now for the fun bit, filling in the gaps and putting it all together. I pieced it into three pieces

The bottom third

Top left hand side ( kindly rotated by Blogger)

Top right hand side ( again kindly rotated)

And finally all together and looking slightly different from that initial layout

It has since been sandwiched and will be quilted this week. How I'm not sure yet but I'm sure it'll come to me sooner or later.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Christmas in August

Well you know me I can't do anything straight forward or normal. No Christmas in July for me, I'm doing it in August. Mind you those that know me will be wondering why Christmas at all as I don't normally celebrate it.

Well the thing is I was on my travels through blogland and I came across the I Wish You a Merry Christmas QAL on Vanda's blog. Now the thought of doing a Christmas quilt never entered my head but I did like block one which was a snowflake. So I thought, never mind the quilt I'd pick and choose which blocks I wanted to do as a Winter themed QAL instead. Then I thought well what happens if I only like the snowflake. So the plan is still to pick and choose the blocks I like or are relevant but I'm doing them as one off projects instead of a quilt.

So lets get on to block one.....the snowflake.

Or in my case two snowflakes ( both at 13" square)

 I've used a pale blue background with snowflakes over it and the white for the actual flakes. Please don't ask me what it is as I've probably had it for years.

 I fussy cut the centres and they've all been stuck down with bondaweb.

And then I sewed them together with some setting triangles to make a small table runner.

I sandwiched it and then sewed down the applique using a straight stitch for raw edged applique. Which left me loads of ends to sew in last night.

For quilting I drew out some shapes from a stencil that I thought looked snowflake like and quilted them in white. More ends to sew in.

I then quilted the background in a pale blue in a swirly FMQ.

There are 8 quilted snowflakes in there as you can just about make out.

I used a plain white for the binding and the lovely crinkled effect is because I finished it this morning and threw it in the washing machine before letting it dry on the line.

And there she is all finished and ready to go away until I decorate for the Winter.

Block 2 came out today, I think they'll be coming out every 2 weeks or so. It's Christmas trees. I'm not sure if I'm going to make that block or I might do something along the same lines but stick with the Christmas tree theme.

I'll be linking up with the various sites posted on the Linky page at the top of the blog

Sunday, 13 August 2017

I hear voices

I was in the local Quilt Shop the other week buying Bondaweb. I had no interest in buying fabric at all. Honest.

Anyway I walked in and got chatting, as you do. Whilst I was passing the time of the day I started hearing a whisper. " Buy me, buy me". Well it got louder and louder and being a good girl who always does as she's told ( well nearly always) I picked up these FQs from the display

and added them to total.

These are Lewis and Irene fabrics from two different ranges. The floral is from the new Celtic Blessings range and the blenders from the Bumbleberries range but they blend really well together.

I couldn't decide what to do with them so just played with some 9 patches.

I ended up making 7 of them

I then decided to cut them up to make a disappearing nine patch runner.

Well I cut them up and completely changed my mind. I made 7 different blocks by mixing and matching and different placements.

I'll now be making these into cushions for the lounge. Well after I've been back to the quilt shop to get some more fabric for borders and backing. This time though I'm putting in ear plugs so no more fabric can call me.